The Women’s Shelter doors opened in 1985 and offered a full range of programs for victims of domestic violence.

Since that time, we have provided services to approximately 50 families per year. We have provided safe shelter, food and clothing.

The staff and volunteers for the shelter offer a 24-hour hotline for victims of domestic violence.

Available services have grown over the years to include domestic violence counseling for women, children and men who are victims of domestic violence.

We also provide group counseling regarding the role of drugs and alcohol in a violent home and assistance with domestic violence restraining orders.

Some of our services are available to people who have not been shelter occupants but are still in domestic violence situations and need support services.

The shelter program offers up to a 35-day stay in confidential location.

While in residence at the shelter, clients are offered counseling, job skills support, parenting classes and most importantly a safe, secure location to re-evaluate their lives and make plans for the future.

Staff and volunteers work closely with clients and other community agencies and shelters outside our immediate area to provide referrals and possible re-location options or opportunities as needed.